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Underground Manchester

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Let your nose guide you on a subterranean journey and discover how Manchester engineered its way of out a water crisis to become the first industrial city.

It is an appalling fact that, of all who are born of the labouring classes in Manchester, more than 57% die before they attain 5 years of age.
From The Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain, Edwin Chadwick, 1842.

Discover why Roman disease control was ahead of its time and why a sponge on a stick was an essential bathroom item.

Find out why pumping fresh water to Manchester was more controversial than fracking, and why clean water and efficient sewerage reversed the fortunes of the city, then crawl through our recreation of a Victorian sewer.

Go with the flow and climb into a modern water pipeline, play with our talking toilet and suss out the science behind modern sewers.

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