Free entry – Donate online or at the museum Open 10am – 5pm daily

Creative Science: Seeing Sounds

  • £5 per pupil introductory offer (minimum charge £125, maximum 36 students)
  • 10.30am – 1.15pm
  • Learning Loft, Great Western Warehouse and Power Hall
  • Step-free access throughout. Wheelchair-accessible toilets nearby. Read our facilities guide

Fun, vibrant and surprising, this morning of structured activities will challenge students to explore the concepts of sound waves in a cross-curricular, creative context, working as part of team and reflecting real working practices.

A sharp, surprising and participatory science show will introduce students to the key principles of sound waves – wavelength, frequency and amplitude.

Armed with this knowledge, some modern audio recording equipment and the freedom to create, the students will head to the Power Hall – a sensory wonder of clanging wheels and hissing steam.

There they’ll begin the task: record, analyse, mix and finally present their own musical piece, blasted through a Rubens’ Tube – a dramatic firey visualisation of sound waves.

Doing and leading, students will develop independent learning skills and joined-up thinking across STEM subject areas in an exciting and inspiring way.

What will they learn?

  • Experimenting with a Rubens’ Tube, students will see how different types of sound travel.
  • Students will develop science skills to collect, predict and analyse data.
  • Students will learn how to design and mix a piece of music.
  • Students will understand how to use scientific vocabulary and peer review.

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